IEEE VGTC Conference Proceedings
  This document contains instructions to authors of publications for publications sponsored by the IEEE Visualization and Graphics Technical Committee. Please follow the appropriate link for specific information.

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General Information

This document was adopted from the ACM SIGGRAPH publication guidelines that were put together by Stephen Spencer of ACM SIGGRAPH and modified according to the needs of the IEEE VGTC and other related conferences.

  • Preparing Your Technical Paper
    Please make sure you follow the formatting guidelines for preparation of your paper for publication in the proceedings of the VGTC sponsored conference or workshop. After successful formatting of your paper, please follow guidelines for the electronic preparation of your paper.

  • Preparing Supplemental Material
    Some conferences publish an electronic proceedings on a USB device. If that is the case for you, you can find general guidelines for preparation of supplemental material for inclusion on the conference-related USB.

  • IEEE Copyright Form
    Each paper published has to be accompanied by a signed form.