Detailed Preparation Guidelines for VR 16

(Camera-Ready) Submission Deadline: January 8, 2016

If you are looking for initial submission deadlines for review of your material, please visit the VR 2016 home page.

  • Page limits
    • Papers: 4 to 10 pages
    • Posters: 2 pages
    • Demos: 2 page
    • Panels: 2 pages, compile in a txt file submitted to the Panel Chairs.
      1. Title
      2. list of panelists, their affiliations and a short bio for each
      3. a summary/ abstract
    • Tutorials and Workshops: compile in a txt file submitted to the Tutorial Chairs and Workshop Chairs.
      1. Title
      2. Organizers / Lecturers
      3. Abstract (max 150 words)
    • Video Track: 2 and 5 minutes long and be narrated in English
      1. **IMPORTANT** The video formatting guidelines should be followed and will be strictly enforced; these are different from the IEEE Xplore supplemental material guidelines, below.
        • When preparing the video, please make it as professional as possible. Producing a video already requires a significant amount of effort, and spending just a little more effort to raise the quality can make a big difference in how it is received.
      2. Accompanied by a one-page PDF description using the conference style template
        • Each description should include:
          1. a title
          2. a 200-word abstract
          3. references
          4. acknowledgments
          5. Contact information with author names, affiliations, and an email address for the lead author
          6. A high-resolution representative still image in the PDF document - separate images will not be accepted

  • Formatting Guidelines: conference style template
    • for accepted papers, posters, demos, videos
  • Prepare a high quality PDF
  • (optional) assemble supplemental material for the USB
  • submit the IEEE electronic Copyright Form (eCF) (required)
  • IMPORTANT: go over the Checklist
  • submit the final PDF to PCS:
  • If you have not registered by the registration deadline your paper will *not* appear in the proceedings.