Detailed Preparation Guidelines for GI 2016

(Camera-Ready) Submission Deadline: 1 April 2016

If you are looking for initial submission deadlines for review of your material, please visit the GI 2016 home page.

Step 1: Download, sign, and submit the nonexclusive release form

  • Release form for CHCCS for GI 2016
  • You are allowed to order pages in excess of the standard 8 at an additional cost. You will find this information on page 5 of the GI Non-exclusive release form.

Step 2: Format your paper according to GI guidelines

Step 3: Prepare a high quality PDF

Step 4: (optional) assemble supplemental material for the ACM Digital Library

Step 5: Go over the Checklist

Step 6: Submit it online at PCS

NOTE: If you have not registered by the registration deadline your paper will *not* appear in the proceedings.