Electronic Submission

Thank you for ensuring that your document adheres to the formatting guidelines (for Vis/ InfoVis08 research/ application papers only: use the TVCG guidelines) and that the electronic document is of high quality (for VG authors only: use the EG high quality instructions) . From this page you can submit your contribution to the VGTC sponsored conference proceedings.

Please ensure that we can email you if need be; if your email address is not included in the paper itself, send us a note informing us of your submission.

File Formats

Conference submissions will only be accepted in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or Postscript (.ps) format. Adobe Acrobat files are preferred.

File Naming

In order to make it easier for us to identify your submission, please use the last name of the first author in order to name your submitted file. E.g. if you are submitting the paper

  "Weaving Threads For The Web"
  by Jane Doe and John Smith

then your submitted Adobe Acrobat file should be called


File Submission

  • Specify the location of the file that you are going to transfer (limited to 60MB).
  • The file should be located on the computer you are currently browsing from.
  • Press the Browse button to easier identify the file you want to submit.
  • If your file is larger than 60MB, please send an email to submissions@vgtc.org and include a URL where we can download your file.
  • If you submit tutorial material please still provide at least a dummy paper with number XXX (may be an empty .pdf file). Then ignore any error message on the formatting of your 'paper' and send notification to submissions@vgtc.org.
Paper Number:
(*.pdf, *.ps)
Conference Category:

Supplementary material:
(*.zip, *.tgz, *.gz) [optional]

Colour Page Text File:
(*.txt) [optional]

Note: You will NOT receive an email confirmation for your submission. Your confirmation will be displayed on the screen after you submit your paper. You may want to print that page for your records.